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Referral Guidance

Referrals accepted from

We accept referrals from most sources including self-referral e.g. consultants, GP staff, health visitors, schools, midwives, other NHS services, local authority staff etc. A person with parental responsibility must give permission for a referral to be made.

Referral forms are available on our website - www.barnsleyspeechtherapy.co.uk. They can be returned us electronically to swy-tr.barnsleyspeechtherapy@nhs.net or by post to:

Children’s Speech and Language Therapy,
The Lodge,
Kendray Hospital,
Doncaster Road,
Barnsley, S70 3RD

We operate an open referral; however we do need detailed information and request that if parents/carers wish to make a referral they do so with the support of another professional e.g. a health visitor or teacher

Referral criteria

If you are concerned about a child’s communication and/or eating and drinking and think they need to be referred to the service please look at the referral checklist before making a referral. This will help you decide if the service will be able to offer the support you need.

Our referral checklist and referral form are available on our website- www.barnsleyspeechtherapy.co.uk

How do I cancel an appointment?

Please ring our main office on 01226 644331 or email swy-tr.barnsleyspeechtherapy@nhs.net. Please give your child’s full name, your name and your telephone number

Please keep in mind that if you cancel a lot, we will discharge your child.


What happens if I forget to take my child to an appointment?

We will discharge your child and you can request a re-referral. We will ask you to make a commitment to come to appointments